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David Ericson Gallery


Artist Statement

The objective of my work is to represent the human experience through the painting of the figure. My style is a form of portraiture that represents life experience and emotions that are real but are not visible to the physical eye. I seek expression of that in life which is only felt. What goes on in the heart and mind is where the real transformations in life take place, and therein lies the place that I strive to give visual representation to, through my paintings.

Through the work I seek representation that is both realistic and abstract, both visually and theoretically. Within each piece is a realistic figure going through an abstract process. Many elements in the painting are fleshed out with a process true to realism. Yet other areas are devoted to the beauty of searching out the routes in life not well defined, resulting in abstraction. It is a process similar to living life itself. We live, we pause, we assess, we redefine. We keep, we discard, we change, we stand still. When we look at the whole of our lives, some parts make sense, and some don’t. Some are solid, and well defined. Some remain confusing and murky. My paintings reflect this life process.

I always paint with oil on panel, as this surface and medium best allow me to convey the messages my artwork need to convey.


About Pamela

Pamela studied at BYU Provo where she graduated in 2001 with a BFA, with an emphasis in painting. While there she spent two months in Europe with the Visual Arts Department, visiting major museums and painting in small towns along the way. She also studied with BYU professors in New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, visiting major museums and galleries.


After graduation she had two solo shows in galleries in Salt Lake and Bountiful, and participated in a few group shows. She has taken a professional break for the past 14 years to focus on raising her six children, but never really let artistic practice die. After all, being an artist is a way of life. The medium changed, but never the lifestyle.


With children a little older and their needs less time consuming, Pamela is painting again, and finding her own narrative a necessary part in the artistic landscape of Utah.


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