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is a collaboration with Utah Photographer Justin Hackworth.

It is on display August 3-September 15, 2023

Edna Runswick Foyer

South City Campus, Center for the Arts and Media

1575 S State Street, Salt Lake City, UT

The truth about situations is often best understood in multiple perspectives. It struck us how much people can share a common experience – like quarantine- and have a totally different experience. Teens in particular were put in a potentially difficult situation, largely determined by the adults around them. At a time in life when they would have most likely been graduation, going out with friends, or participating in school clubs and teams, they were sent home to wait for adults in their lives to tell them how they would be living for an undetermined time. Some fared better – if you went in to the pandemic with friends, you often came out of it with friends. If you didn't have friends, you weren't making new ones. Some cared a lot about what was going on – and some welcomed the solace. The challenges teens faced because of quarantine can be heartbreaking, but also inspiring. 


Listening to the stories of the “Quaranteens” gives some happy, and some tough, insight. From California, to New York, Beijing to Ukraine – no two experiences were the same. The experiences combined begin to tell us the complete picture. 


A chance meeting in the Fall of 2022 led Pamela and Justin to this collaboration – a desire to elevate stories of the Quaranteens, through each of our own unique approaches and voices. The exhibit is set up to show a portrait of the teen, by Justin, next to a portrait of the teen by Pamela. A statement by the teen about their quarantine experience is next to the portraits, giving the viewer a connecting experience.

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